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Production history of PNPPK started in 1956 from the simplest synchros and servomotor components and proceeded up to complicated flight and navigation systems for different aircrafts. Company products were installed and are still used on more than 30 types of aircrafts of the most known aviation firms of Russia including the most advanced. High reliability of products ensures installation of PNPPK navigation systems on cargo and passenger carriers, such as An-12, Tu-154, Il-62, Il-76, Il-86 and others.

From 1968 to 2000 PNPPK was one of the largest Russian manufacturers of a wide variety of house-hold electric tools such as drills, hammer drills, saws etc. that successfully competed in the national consumer goods market.

Marine navigation became the new market for the Company in 1995 with the gyrocompass "Geus" developed on the base of aviation technology. It proved to be competitive not only in Russian but in the world market and became the core of the whole family of marine navigation devices: highly accurate gyrocompass "Geus-M", gyroscopic heading indicator "GKU-5", miniature integrated marine navigation system "Kama-NS", co-produced with the Danish company Scan-Steering "SCAN-2000", and others. Company also produces a wide range of peripheral equipment for sea and river ships. In the same period, PNPPK was successfully mastering production of navigation systems for land mobile vehicles.

Production of dynamically-tuned gyroscopes began in 1976 and afterwards Company was continuously enhancing and expanding the sensor technology. Concentration of the advanced production processes and equipment gave an impetus to new directions. In 2000-s R&D department of PNPPK together with the leading scientists of Perm region and Russia has developed fiber-optic and solid-state sensors for the systems that can be used for the purposes of navigation, orientation and stabilization of moving objects in all media.

Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company several times was a prize winner in the national contests "100 Best Russian Products" and "Russian Trade Mark". It was awarded the golden medal and the diploma at the exhibitions "Best Goods and Services in the Russian Market", and "Buy Russian Goods". PNPPK received platinum and golden Quality Signs and diploma of the contest/exhibition "All-Russian Mark (III Millenium). Quality Sign of XXI Century", 2000. In 1999 and 2009 Company won the State Prize of the Russian Government for the quality and competitive power of production. In 2001, it was awarded the prize “Quality Leader” by Russian National Standard Agency. In 2010, Company was registered in European Organization for Quality and in 2015, after the EFQM model compliance audit, it was Recognized for Excellence. In 2016, PJSC PNPPK was entered in the Russian National Catalogue “Book of Honour” and into National Register “Leading Industrial Enterprises of Russian Federation”.

PJSC “Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company
106, 25th October St, Perm 614007, Russia